The Board and Auxiliary Leaders would like you to know that we are servants of the most high God who has blessed us with the privilege of assisting you in carrying out his kingdom work.

Pastor Emanuel L. Collins
Chairman of the Trustee Board
Pastor Emanuel Collins is the Head of the Board of Trustees that governs the Robbins Memorial ... more
Office Phone: 323.298.9303

Board Member , Sis. Marlow Crawford
Board Member, Sis. Marjorie Hardman
Board Member, Sis. Liana Kelsey
Board Member, Evangelist Bettye Dawson
Board Member, Sis. Barbara West
Board Member , Bro. Darryl Cater

Church Elder, Elder Leo Cassanova
Church Elder, Elder Larry Taylor
Head Deacon, Deacon Fraiser Cexil
Deacons Board, Deacon Guy Thomas
Deacons Board, Deacon Leumas William
Deacons Board, Deacon Leon Cornwell
Deacons Board, Deacon Lester Scott

Evangelist Pauline Collins
1st Lady and Church Administrator
First Lady, Evangelist Pauline Collins is the Church Administrator. She supervises the ... more

Church Secretary, Sis. Sonya Thomas
Financial Secretery, Evangelist, Sonya Simpson

Home & Foreign Missions President, Elder Leo Cassanova
Haiti Missions Founder, Deacon Fraiser Cexil
F.I.S.H. President, Elder Larry Taylor

Minister of Music, Missionary, Dietre Mitchell
Sanctuary Choir Director, Missionary, Neva Bryson
Worship Leader and Youth Choir Director, Missionary, Cherene Cexil

Youth Department President, Deaconess Susan Meyers
Sunshine Band President
Children's Church President
Purity Class President, Sis. April Johnson
Spirit Squad Leader, Sis. Antoinette Westbrook

Mothers Board President, Mother Janie Nixon
Deaconess Board President, Mother Rebecca Robbins
Sunday School Superintendant, Evangelist Lucy Christi
Pastor's Aid President, Sis. Ella Chiles
Usher Board President, Sis. Liana Kelsey
Evangelist/Missionary Board President, Evangelist Sonya Simpson
Drama Department President, Sis. Marjorie Hardman
Media President, Sis. Aunjelique Deavers
Homecoming and Frienship Day Coord., Evangelist Lucy Christi
Christmas Program Coordinator, Missionary Cherene Cexil
Wedding Coordinator & Flower Arrangments, Sis. Pauletta Gory
Hospitality President, Sis. Vida Scott
Men's Fellowship President, Deacon Fraiser Cexil
We Care, Evangelist, Betty Hudson