I'm new

Welcome to our Congregation!

Whether you are a new Christian, a transfer from another denomination, a member renewing your vows, or a member seeking new and better understandings of the Church of God In Christ, we want you to enjoy a satisfying and exciting relationship with the people of our Church.


New members are encouraged to attend "New Members Class" Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

The class is a 6 week course taught by Pastor Emanuel Collins. It is held on the church campus in the church balconey. At the end of the course Pastor will present each new member with their own "New Member Certificate" as the congregation of Robbins Memorial Church applaudes the membership committments made.

In the class, Pastor Collins will guide each person through the "NEW BELIEVER? STUDY GUIDE". This study guide encapsulates one of the greatest habits new members can develop: to learn and internalize the spiritual truths for life's situations. We want to help you believe in the Gospel, be able to share your beliefs with others, and belong to this fellowship in the deepest sense. We also want to help you remember our long Pentecostal-holiness story and love it as your own. This book will guide you briefly into the topics that a leader can explore in more depth if you are part of a class. Anyone with a desire for spiritual and personal growth will benefit by reading this book and applying its principles.

Orientation is not a one-day event. It is normally a process that continues for several days or weeks. We try to personalize the orientation process to meet the specific needs of each member.